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On our website we offer 2 ways to book our facilities.


1. ON-LINE reservation system

The ON-LINE reservation system is the easiest, safest and fastest way to book a room in our hotel. We have made sure that you have more options for booking rooms through the online reservation system:

Reservation without confirmation by credit card; booking after the online process is not final and guaranteed. For the final confirmation of the reservation, we will contact you and agree on the method of guaranteeing the reservation (credit card, advance payment, advance payment…). The reservation can be canceled or changed in accordance with the conditions specified in the reservation.

Credit card booking reservation; a safe and fast way to book, as you get instant confirmation of the desired accommodation. The reservation can be canceled or changed in accordance with the conditions specified in the reservation.

Non-refundable booking; a safe and fast way to book, as you get instant confirmation of the desired accommodation. The reservation must be secured with a valid credit card during the booking process. After receiving the reservation, the full amount of the reservation will be charged. Reservations cannot be canceled or changed.


2. Form in the section "Contact us"

How to check the possibility of booking by inquiry - enter your information in the form, the desired date of stay, the desired hotel and type of accommodation, as well as any wishes or additional questions related to your stay in our hotels. We will respond to you within 24 hours with our offer. The request itself or our offer is not considered a confirmed reservation, as the essential condition for confirmation and validity of the reservation is the guarantee of the reservation within the period and under the conditions stated in the offer. In the event that the service is not finally confirmed or guaranteed within the period specified in the offer, it is considered unconfirmed and we will delete it from our reservation system after the validity of the offer.

If children will be staying with you, state the number and age of children. Villa Majda does not accept children under the age of 12 in order to ensure peace and complete relaxation of our guests.

Pets are allowed, but only with our prior confirmation (depending on size and weight).

We would like to inform you that in the case of reservations and online payments, it is considered that you have read all the terms and agree with them.


Complaints and appeals

The guest should immediately inform the staff about irregularities or deficiencies in the service. requires a responsible person on the spot. In the event that the content of the complaint could be resolved on the spot (for example, lack of cleanliness of the room, equipment, location of the room, etc.), the guest did not complain about the error on the spot and did not notify the responsible person. the guest agreed with the defective service and thus lost the right to file subsequent complaints with a request to reduce the price of the service or pay damages.

The guest can file a written complaint within two months from the day the service was performed incorrectly. In the event that the guest misses the statutory deadline for filing a complaint, the complaint will not be considered by us.



The guest has the right to cancel the reservation. The cancellation must be sent in writing or. by e-mail at least 3 days before arrival and in high season from 15.7. 25.8. and during the holidays (Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays) at least 7 days before arrival. In case of timely cancellation of the reservation, the guest is entitled to a refund of the entire advance payment or. payments for the entire stay.

The provision does not apply to reservations that are marked as "non-refundable" or. non-refundable booking. Any such reservation is considered final and does not allow a refund in any case.

In case the guest cancels the reservation outside the cancellation period (outside the cancellation period is considered from 3/7 days before arrival until the day of arrival on the reservation), the hotel will charge a cancellation fee in the amount of:

one (1) night for reservations up to and including 3 nights

two (2) nights for reservations of 4 or more nights

In case of no-show, the hotel reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the total stay without tourist tax.

In case of early departure, the hotel reserves the right to charge a penalty of 100% of the remaining stay without tourist tax. Exceptions are early departures due to force majeure (death, medical reasons, natural disasters (). In such cases, the guest turns to the responsible person in Villa Majda.

In case of confirmed reservation by credit card, the card will be charged without the presence of a guest.

The cancellation fee is subject to the prices confirmed by the hotel at the time of booking.

The reservation is valid until 18.00 on the day of arrival, the guest is obliged to inform us about the later arrival before arrival.


Final provisions

Value added tax is already included in all prices from Villa Majda's offer. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the court in Koper shall have jurisdiction over all disputes.

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