Restaurant Capra in the centre of Koper

In the centre of Koper, on a location with a sea-view, right under the Grand Koper Hotel, is where you will find our restaurant Capra, which will amaze you with first-rate Mediterranean tastes and a magical atmosphere. Our dishes combine different tastes that are based on the pristine Mediterranean cuisine, while their creation process is modern.

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Restavracija-Capra_Dimljen losos na lesu visnje
Restavracija-Capra_Linera - tortica iz bele cokolade in pistacijeve kreme z dehidriranimi malinami granatno jabolko
Restavracija-Capra_Maida - mus iz 70 temne cokolade biskvitek z zimskimi zacimbami lesnikov sladoled gozdni sadezi
Restavracija-Capra_Telecji tatarc
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 Capra is highly popular among visitors and locals alike. We recommend that you book your spot here on a day before your arrival.

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