A new 4-star boutique hotel and restaurant below the Karst edge

Villa Majda

Where Istria and Karst collide, among the green olive-tree groves and vineyards, under the mighty Karst Rim, Villa Majda awaits – a perfect place for your vacation.

If you value spending free time in direct proximity to nature, and you enjoy pristine tastes, this property, situated at the outskirts of one of the oldest Istrian villages, is the right choice for you.

A wonderful and stylistically perfect building with amazing natural surroundings will truly inspire you!

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Stay with us

Majda restoran KOZADOOCMS02

Enjoy the flavours

Escape the routine

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With you in Koper as well

We have renovated the main city hotel in Koper, the largest sea-side town in Slovenian Istria. With its modern feel, Hotel Grand Koper is offering 60 rooms, a restaurant, a pizza house and a bar in the lobby. It also includes a special space for closed groups. We are sure it will appeal to businesspeople as well as other guests, who come to Slovenian Istria above all to discover new experiences.

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