Where you can smell the local treats every single day

Every day, Villa Majda will smell of fresh local treats from our own garden. You can enjoy our carefully prepared tastes either in a beautiful dining hall or on a spacious terrace by the swimming pool, where you will be able to listen to the songs of birds or cicadas. Each morning there is a self-service breakfast which you can enjoy until 11 am. This is also the time (11 am) until when you can inform us if you also want to be pampered by a dinner here. Every evening, we will prepare a special culinary experience for you. We're sure you will enjoy being treated to a selection of foods and tastes we will prepare for you. Most of the meal is always composed of seasonal vegetables, and we always serve home-made olive oil as well.


Culinary indulgence on your wedding day

We also take care for a perfect culinary experience on special occasions, such as weddings. In other words, Villa Majda includes a very special place ... a renovated old barn that can be transformed into a top-class culinary platform and a fairy-tale venue for special occasions. Have you ever dined in a barn? Here, you can do that as well!

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